Lang OD and boost Pedal


The Tone You're Looking For

  • The all new Lang OD with boost pedal is like two pedals in one. The OD and adjustable boost can be used independently or together. Use as overdrive or boost for your amp.
  • Can be used as an amp in a box direct or through a clean amp too
  • Sounds like a tube amp in a pedal.
    Lang OD and boost pedal CLIP CONTROLS
  • Traditional overdrives such as Klons,  Tube screamers often use fixed diodes for clipping.
  • The Lang Overdrive features the world’s only variable Clip controls to enable a dramatic range of dynamic and harmonically rich overdrive effects. When both controls are set fully counterclockwise, the signal is most open with minimal clipping enhancement.
  • To increase Symmetrical clipping and odd-order harmonics, rotate both Clip controls together clockwise.
  • To increase Asymmetrical clipping and enhance even-order harmonics, rotate either Clip control opposite from each other (e.g. left Clip control set counter-clockwise while right Clip control set clockwise or vice versa).
  • As the Clip controls are rotated clockwise, the clipping effect will increase while the output signal will become further attenuated because it is balancing between the clipping circuit and the op amplifier used within the Lang Overdrive. This is similar in function to varying the overall wattage of a guitar amplifier

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